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Every friday a new word, a new challenge: It keeps me illustrating.

28 juli 2017

1 juni 2017

IF mind

The wounded soul doesn't mind
when festivity appears
the happiness of birds
... a song just hurts
the sun so kind
but how to stop the tears? 

19 mei 2017

IF mother

Nobody was ever so pleased to see me
I miss you, mom


4 mei 2017

IF shoe

Good morning, my dear sailor
although an ocean apart
our love is pure and true
I, always in your heart
you, safely in my wooden shoe

21 april 2017

IF fable

The fable of the easter hare

When the chicken goes 
salute the sun
a stranger tip toes 
and smells the bun

the chicken stands mindless in sunny stare
while on his hindlegs speeds away the hare 

Eggs are known to be full of surprises
but the easter hare is never the wisest

30 maart 2017

6 maart 2017

IF heroic and scoop

An heroic act
without thinking
scoop her up
stop her sinking

18 januari 2017

14 januari 2017

IF sound

              Awake by the sound of sleeping